Women and Family Affairs



The purpose of the WIC Women and Family Affairs Committee (Adapted from the Women and Youth Affairs) is to promote the welfare of Igbo women and family. The committee advises the executive of WIC and the board regarding the planning of programs of particular concern to women and the family of the Igbo in the Diaspora and in Ala Igbo. The committee also establishes liaison between WIC and national and international organizations on the status of women and family in pursuit of the millennium development goals of the UN as it concerns women and family.

The responsibilities of the committee are as follows:

  1. To serve as a clearinghouse for coordination and evaluation of programs, services and legislation affecting women and families;
  2. conduct studies, workshops, or fact-finding programs to develop recommendations for constructive action in all areas of interest to women and families at home and in the Diaspora;
  3. conduct or participate in educational programs concerning issues of importance to women and families;
  4. encourage community organizations and state governments in ala Igbo to institute activities designated to meet women’s needs;
  5. Liaise with the office of the executive Director to explore the new WIC status on the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the UN in the pursuit of the UN Millennium Development Goals
  6. Receive and accept grant funds, private gifts, donations, or funds from any source towards development of women and the family in the areas of health, education and empowerment. All moneys are to be deposited with the WIC financial managers and are to be continuously available to the committee to carry out its purposes.
  7. Foster leadership; provide awareness of existing services; promote development of resources; and advocate equal access to such resources in order to enhance the lives of Igbo women and families

WFAC is a flagship committee of the World Igbo Congress under the chairmanship of Dr. Celine Piri and the project directorship of Dr. Chinwe Okika. Please see a sample of the activities of this committee including reports
The coordinators of WFAC are

  1. Princess Nwanyieze Ogbulafor State Coordinator, Abia
  2. Lady Ada Ebeledike, State Coordinator, Anambra
  3. Lady Jennifer Anuo, State Coordinator, Enugu
  4. Harriet Oleru, State Coordinator, Imo
  5. Rosemary Onyebuchi Abor, State Coordinator, Delta
  6. Evangelist Jane Egbo, State Coordinator, Plateau
  7. Dame Unoaku Ekwegbalu, WFAC International Coordinator
  8. Pastor Maureen Mpieri, WFAC Coordinator, Germany
  9. Ada Okika, WFAC Program Director
  10. Iyom Chi Ezekwueche, WFAC Chair
  11. Ebele Thompson, WFAC Finance Director
  12. Chinwe Uwakwe, WFAC WIC Club Coordinator, New York
  13. Princess Grace Osuagwu, Coordinator for Encyclopedia of Titled Igbo Women
  14. Mrs. Gloria Igwe, WFAC Coordinator, Ebonyi State in North America (Untill 08/4/2016
  15. Bridget Ukah—Zonal Rep, Otuocha
  16. Bayelsa State Coordinator Monica Harry Mieseigha Rivers State

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