WIC Family Worldwide

WIC family has grown in leaps and bounds since the litigation that set it back 8 years. The organization shrank from its pre-legal era affiliate size of 26 to barely 14 by the convention of 2017. Today an impressive number of affiliates that were turned away by the legal battles have returned and others are reaching out by the day. New ones are also joining. World Igbo Congress has expanded its reach to all parts of the world, from the west coast to the east coast of the United States and from Europe to Asia and Africa. Below is the list of active participants in WIC’s grassroots (House of Delegates) activities.

  1. Igbo Association of Nashville, Tennessee,
  2. Igbo Association of Central California,
  3. Igbo Organization of New York,
  4. Igbo Cultural Association of Michigan
  5. Igbo Progressive Union of Georgia
  6. Igbo Union of Switzerland,
  7. Igbo Community Association of Nigeria, Dallas TX
  8. Igbo Union of South Africa,
  9. Nzuko Ndi Igbo of Italy,
  10. Igbo Association of Tampa Florida,
  11. Umunna Association of Chicago,
  12. Igbo People’s Congress of Austin TX,
  13. Igbo People’s Congress of Houston TX,
  14. Igbo Association of Greater Miami Valley of Dayton Ohio,
  15. Igbo Union Gent Belgium,
  16. Igbo Union Bielefeld Germany,
  17. Igbo Community Union Southwest Germany,
  18. Ndi Igbo Organization of Wisconsin,
  19. Igbo Association of Memphis Tennessee,
  20. Igbo Union Washington State,
  21. Igbo union Oklahoma,
  22. Igbo Union Indianapolis Indiana,
  23. Ndigbo Development Foundation New Orleans,
  24. Igbo Organization Worcester,
  25. Igbo Organization of New England,
  26. Igbo Union Canada,
  27. Igbo Community Ghana,
  28. Igbo Community of Manchester,
  29. Igbo Association of Western Australia,
  30. Igbo Bu Igbo New Jersey,
  31. Igbo Organization, China
  32. Igbo Community of Southern Australia,
  33. Igbo USA New Jersey,
  34. Igbo Peoples’ Forum of Philadelphia,
  35. Igbo Welfare Association of Libreville Gabon,
  36. Umunne Cultural Association of Minnesota,
  37. The Nneji Ndi-Igbo of Greater Cincinnati Ohio,
  38. Igbo Union Malaysia,
  39. Igbo Union Atlanta
  40. Igbo Peoples’ Congress of Kansas City,
  41. Igbo Association of Southern Florida,
  42. Ndi Igbo Canadian Community,
  43. Igbo Cultural Association of Southern California,
  44. Igbo Union of Ireland
  45. Igbo Organization of Northern Louisiana.
  46. Igbo Association, Seattle Washington
  47. Ndi Igbo Wisconsin
  48. Igbo Community Association, Mississippi
  49. Igbo Union Oklahoma City
  50. Igbo Union Indianapolis
  51. Igbo Welfare Union, Glasgow, UK
  52. Nzuko ndi Igbo Hampshire
  53. Igbo Union St. Louis
  54. Igbo Union Cote d’lvoire
  55. Igbo Community Australia.
  56. Igbo Community Manchester
  57. Igbo Union Ghana
  58. Nziko Igbo United Arab Emirate
  59. Igbo Assiciation of Western Australia
  60. Igbo Union Malaysia.
  61. Igbo Council of Ndi Nze na Ozo Brazil.