Vision, Mission and Purpose


As the foremost Organization of the Igbo in the Diaspora, the vision of the World Igbo Congress is to create sustainable solutions essential for a better, safer and healthier Ndi Igbo everywhere in tandem with the unifying objectives of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo.


WIC is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of Igbo people in the Diaspora and in their homeland in Nigeria by meeting the needs of these people through the restoration of their renowned penchant for self-actualization.


The purposes for which the corporation was organized are charitable, educational, scientific, health, environment, and economic development and specifically as follows:

  • To unify Ndi-Igbo everywhere.
  • To promote, protect and advance Igbo culture and civilization.
  • To promote progress and development of Ala-Igbo and thereby alleviate hunger and poverty. This will be pursued through assisting Igbo States governments to concretize the universal basic education already being implemented by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  • To promote and cultivate political awareness and civic responsibility among Ndi-Igbo.
  • To promote the advancement and welfare of Ndi-Igbo though through the stimulation of better healthcare delivery in Igbo land especially in respect of improved maternal care, reduction of infant mortality and control of vector-borne and transmissible diseases.
  • To promote harmony and peaceful co-existence among themselves and with other ethnic groups through promoting equality across gender and community divides.
  • To receive, invest and disburse funds, and hold property, for the purpose of the corporation aforesaid. This will underscore our strategies for fundraising, economic development through internal partnerships and environmental conservation.
  • To conduct other activities, not in contravention of the Texas Non-Profit Corporation or Article Six of the Articles of Incorporation, necessary or appropriate to carry out the foregoing purposes.