Strategic Projections

At inception, this administration had the following strategic projections aimed at improving the functionality of WIC and consequently the lot of the Igbo


To elevate the level of effectiveness in the pursuit of the overall objectives of the World Igbo Congress, Inc.

  1. To strengthen the World Igbo Congress Foundation as a tool for harnessing resources available around the world to improve the lot of ndi Igbo in southeastern Nigeria and in the Diaspora
  2. To weave together the enormous human resources that ndi Igbo are blessed with and that are available in the Diaspora for the sole purpose of creating a sense of oneness in the pursuit of our common objectives
  3. To give World Igbo Congress enough credibility and punch to enable it become really relevant in the affairs of our people

Short Term Goals (The next 3 Years)

  1. Raise enough funds to assist WIC function effectively in executing policies and projects that that touch the lives of our people
    1. Operate at least one functional office with, at least, one regular staff to coordinate activities in all fronts
    2. Develop and operate a functional liaison office in ala Igbo for the purpose of coordinating activities on the ground
    3. Provision of educational materials to help buoy up the sagging educational institutions in ala Igbo
    4. Promote youth education and competition through scholarships and zonal soccer competitions
    5. Establish Boys and Girls Clubs to stem the downward spiral of morals among Igbo youth
    6. Establish grassroots campaigns to protect women and girls in our society
    7. Complete enough preliminary studies to ensure the restoration of technical education in ala Igbo as a foundation for meaningful economic and industrial take-off of Igbo land. International funding and projects organizations will play a key role in this.
    8. Encourage the development and support of agricultural extension and cooperatives to give agriculture a boost in our land.
  2. Establish a corps of Igbo professionals across the United States to advise and assist in the implementation of policies in fundraising, education, agriculture, health, economic and infrastructural development, diplomacy, missions to ala Igbo, rapid response group to tackle issues inimical to Igbo interest at home and around the world etc.

 Long Term Goals (Beyond the Next 3 Years)

  1. To make World Igbo Congress an institution that is capable of really handling issues on behalf of ndi Igbo with a full complement of competent staff
    1. Establish a presence in the world stage through membership of such NGO affiliations as The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations and Department of Public Information (DPI) the US connector to the UN. These organizations will provide information and assist in procuring partnerships in economic and diplomatic issues
  2. Develop a world-class regional medical center of excellence (RMCE)
  3. Attract interest in investment in Igbo land by our people and our international partners with minimal stress on the governments of Igbo land.
    1. Exploration of the BOT model.
  4. Be in a position to negotiate and execute programs and projects

Unfortunately, the operations of WIC were marred by a series of crises and court litigations that ran from from June 2008 till August 26, 2016. At present, WIC is picking up the pieces and getting refocused. The advancement of Igbo cause is not negotiable regardless of the obstacles.

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