Core Values and Objective

World Igbo Congress’s core values were developed through a consultative process involving the organization’s board of directors and house of delegates. The principles reflected in this document constitute a values compass for board, delegates, affiliates, staff, and other individuals working on behalf of the organization.

In this spirit, World Igbo Congress offers the following:

Core Values
World Igbo Congress is committed to strengthening the organization by strengthening the Executive Committee, Boards of directors, House of Delegates, affiliates and associates. In carrying out its mission, creating opportunities for NdiIgbo, and interacting with its members, friends, donors, and staff, World Igbo Congress embraces the following values:

  • Leadership
    World Igbo Congress champions the importance of effective board leadership. It empowers boards with the knowledge of good governance practices. It encourages member initiative and leadership, and strives to be a model nonprofit organization.
  • Integrity
    World Igbo Congress expects accountability from nonprofit leaders and from itself. The World Igbo Congress adheres to high ethical and professional standards in its work and relationships. It is fair and respectful in its interactions and conscientiously stewards the resources entrusted to us.
  • Excellence
    World Igbo Congress strives to deliver high-quality content and strategies. It grounds its work and decisions in insights gained from experience, knowledge, and data. It promotes teamwork and diversity of thought to leverage knowledge and skills to continually improve its purposes for the benefit of NdiIgbo.
  • Impact
    World Igbo Congress is committed to generating positive change and approaching problems in a practical, creative, and flexible manner. It listens and understands the nature and needs of NdiIgbo and creates tailored solutions. It uses a collaborative approach with partners, and donors to advance the practice of board governance and expand its reach.


The current executive council under the executive chairmanship of Joe Nze Eto was launched several programs aimed at recapturing the essence for the formation of the organization and thereby Restore the Dignity of Ndi Igbo.
World Igbo Congress supports the work of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo in its capacity as the Apex Igbo Organization Worldwide