Board Committees

World Igbo Congress Meeting

Standing Committees: Shall be set up for the purposes of carrying out the aims and objectives of the Congress as outlined in Sections 2.1 and 7.1.4 of this Constitution. Upon recommendation of Board members, the Board Chairman shall appoint Committee Chairpersons.

Membership:Membership of Committees is not limited to members of the Board of Directors.  Indeed each Committee is urged and encouraged, as much as possible, to draw from the larger community to include and involve other individuals whose expertise, know- how or ability may facilitate or assist the Committee in its work.   Such persons shall first be recommended to, or recruited by, the Committee Chairperson through their state Affiliate organizations or their Board representatives and Delegates.  The Board of Directors shall have the power to accept or reject a candidate for Committee position.

Types of Standing Committees: There shall be the following ten (10) key functional and responsibility areas:

  1. Community  Affairs   Committee: Will analyze the community affairs/environment in Ala-Igbo and elsewhere, and develop appropriate response and strategy accordingly.
  2. Membership and Mobilization Committee: Will recruit membership; establish rules and guidelines for membership in World Igbo Congress and the working modalities for organizations and communities associated therein, with a goal to expanding membership base everywhere.
  3. Economic Development Committee: Will analyze the economic environment in Ala-Igbo and elsewhere as relevant and develop long-term plans and effective, functional strategies for the development of Igbo communities
  4. Information and Public Affairs Committee: Will coordinate all information and public affairs of the World Igbo Congress as it relates to communities, governments, organizations and other The Committee shall be responsible for all information and publicity of the Congress; have primary responsibility for developing the process and the programs for information dissemination about the Congress and Ndi-Igbo and promote the goals of the Congress; develop effective links with media organizations in ways that will benefit Ndi-Igbo. The Chairperson shall be the Public Relations Officer for the Congress.
  5. Finance Committee: Will develop modalities for raising adequate funds to meet the needs of the Secretariat and the projects and activities to be undertaken by World Igbo Congress.
  6. Committee on Igbo Civilization and Culture: Will develop programs and initiative for the study, development and propagation of Igbo civilization and culture, including a goal to assure proper foundation of Igbo culture for all Igbo children born in the Diaspora.
  1. Legal Defense and By-laws Review Committee: Will arrange for the conduct of litigation and defense on behalf of the Congress, including its organs, officers and officials, in so far as the subject of the legal defense pertains to the Congress’ interest and does not involve a dispute between two The Committee will also periodically review the Constitution and By-laws of the Congress and recommend changes to the Board of Directors, in response to the Congress’ evolving operational environment. The Chairperson shall be the Legal Adviser for the Congress. In addition, the Committee should have at least one Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and one attorney licensed to practice law in Texas, the state of registration of the Congress.
  2. Security Affairs Committee: Will develop modalities for dealing with security matters within the Congress and in ala-Igbo in general. Will develop links with other security operatives to ensure the safety and freedom of Ndi Igbo worldwide.
  3. Women’s Affairs Committee: Will develop programs and initiatives to ensure greater participation of women in the affairs of the Will develop modalities to assure proper involvement of women in the implementation of the Igbo Roadmap.
  4. Education  and   Youth   Development   Committee: Will develop modalities to ensure that education once again becomes a priority for Ndi Igbo. Will develop programs and initiatives to ensure greater allocation of resources by Federal, State, and Local governments in Nigeria to Will develop programs and initiatives to encourage participation of the Youth in the affairs of the Congress. Will develop modalities to assure proper involvement of the Youth in the implementation of the Igbo Roadmap. Will coordinate WIC’s scholarship program.

Additional Standing Committees: The Board of Directors may designate additional Standing Committees, including their names, membership, and responsibilities.

Ad Hoc Committees: May be created for specific purposes. Each Ad Hoc Committee shall automatically dissolve upon completion of its assignments or earlier by a resolution of the Board of Directors.

Committee  Action  Proposal: All Committee Chairpersons shall, prior to executing Committee plans, submit all projects and proposed plans of action to the Executive Council for approval, except in such instances requiring the approval of the Board of directors. Subject to this provision, each Committee shall have the power to initiate such programs as will enable the realization of its objectives consistent with the overall mission of the Congress.

Minutes: Each Committee shall keep regular minutes of its proceedings, copy of which shall be provided to the Secretariat, and all Committees shall report to the Board of Directors when required.