Board Chairman

Prof Anthony Ejiofor

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Igbo Congress (WIC), is a person of dedication, diligence and leader with a strategic mindset. Anthony O. Ejiofor is a professor of Microbiology and Biotechnology. He has taught and executed research work, among other places, at the Tennessee State University, in Nashville, USA. He has served in numerous strategic committees/councils at the institution. 

He was the Executive Director of World Igbo Congress. Although the functions of the Executive Director were mitigated by pervading atmosphere of internal rancor and internecine crisis, Ejiofor was able to raise funds and established the first and only physical office of WIC in Nashville. He obtained a special consultative status in the UN-ECOSOC for WIC. Using the WIC-Women and Family Affairs Committee (WIC-WFAC) he organized several functions at the UN and promoted grassroots campaign in all Igbo states pursuant to the UN MDGs and is currently pursuing agenda for Igbo land development through the UN-SDGs. 


Dr. Ejiofor was instrumental to the first Leadership summit of the WIC in Enugu as well as the acquisition of the 50-acre prime land on which initial works on the establishment of a world-class Regional Medical Center of Excellence in Alaigbo (Nsokpo Community Ogbaku) is progressing. 


Significantly, Dr. Ejiofor developed functional structures for WIC that will minimize redundancy and inertia at this time that rapid response to the challenging Igbo situation at home is required. Ejiofor has since  “called on all to join hands to salvage Igbo land and asks for your vote to build on the structure already in place in order to restore peace, stability and progress.” 


As the Chairman of World Igbo Congress, he has enhanced cohesion and synergy with all Diaspora Igbo organizations, the Igbo leadership at home and the apex socio-cultural organization of the Igbo, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, in this trying time of Igbo history. 


He is a member of numerous professional organizations and is well-published. 


He is married to Dr. Nonye Ejiofor and together they have three children Chukwudalu, Sochima, and Tobenna.